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Upasana Speaks Out on Divorce, Looks, Children

Upasana Speaks Out on Divorce, Looks, Children
Upasana is known to the world as Ram Charan's wife and megastar Chiranjeevi's daughter-in-law. But, only few know that she is much more than that. The elegant lady, who rarely interacts with media, has now given an interview where she responded to the comments on her looks, divorce rumors etc.

The Apollo scion and Editor of 'B Positive' magazine, who also is a charity worker, said that she had taken the comments on her looks as compliments. 'My husband has a large number of female fans and they all might have wanted to see a very beautiful lady as his wife. Hence those comments, but I took them as compliments,' a straightforward Upasana said.

When asked about the divorce rumors that were spread some time ago, Upasana said, 'they were all baseless. If I and Charan have any such plan, we will come in front of media and announce it. We are good friends and understand each other very well. Please stop spreading these rumors which hurt people'.

'I have just lost weight after a lot of hard work. I don't want to get fat anytime sooner. Motherhood is a personal matter and we will have children when we feel ready. For now, we are busy with our respective careers. I have to take care of Apollo, build a home and also spend time with Charan before thinking about kids,' Upasana revealed when asked why they don't have children after years of marriage.

The candid Upasana also confessed that since she has been speaking only English since childhood, she doesn't speak good Telugu. 

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