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Don’t promise the moon to voters: Election Commission

The election commission has decided to crack down on parties that go overboard with their manifesto promises.

Officials will soon start vetting manifestos for the 2017 assembly polls in Punjab and UP. Punitive action could be as harsh as withdrawing a party's symbol if it promises the moon without giving an affidavit on a stamp paper to the commission. The decision was taken at a meeting on September 23, according to an internal note accessed by TOI.

EC should first stop this FREEBIES before, during or after the elections. Do they have the guts to do that and ban the political party (in toto), even if one contestant or one leader belong to a par... Read More

"it is expected that manifestos reflect the rationale for the promises and broadly indicate the ways and means to meet the financial requirements for it. Trust of voters should be sought only on promises which can be fulfilled," it reads.

In 2012, the Shiromani Akali Dal had promised laptops to class 12 students but later backtracked because of a Rs 1.25 lakh crore debt.

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